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6737Re: [snowkiteidaho] CJ Sunday report

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  • Chris Lee
    Sep 6, 2010
      It was great for both Sat and Sun.  Sailed at the Wall with 4.0.
      The before noon session at the Wall on Sat was nice with fairly steady wind and good swells.  Then it got fluky in the afternoon but the swell was bigger.  I was told the wind got really steady after 5:00 with nice swells and hardly anyone was on the water -- best session of the year!
      Sunday had better wind and better swells.  I wasn't expecting it to last long but it just kept on blowing so we kept on sailing until we got too tired.  :-)
      Best regards,
      Chris Lee.
      On Mon, Sep 6, 2010 at 7:30 PM, Tom von Alten <tva@...> wrote:

      Since I was the lone windsurfer (amongst 4 or 5 kite boys), I guess I
      should say something about what you missed by going to the Gorge.
      (Then maybe you'll be kind enough to tell me what *I* missed over there?)

      I arrived right about 4:00, which by the AFB numbers looks like it was
      at the end of a solid 4.5 sort of afternoon. My 4.7 was powered up,
      to the point I stopped to flatten it, even gave a thought to being
      on my 4.2... but then was slogging on the starboard reaches, ended
      up swimming in a ways, and walking up the shallows back to where I'd
      launched (just upwind from the resort, along with the kiters).

      7:55pm 63 NW 16
      6:55pm 65 NW 20G28
      5:55pm 66 NW 22G31
      4:55pm 66 NW 23G31
      3:55pm 66 NW 26G37
      2:55pm 66 NW 25G32
      1:55pm 64 WNW 24G36
      12:55pm 64 NW 29G36
      11:55am 60 NW 28G37
      10:55am 59 NW 24G31

      I could've rigged to 5.1 (or more likely, 6.0), but it had that
      petering feeling, and I'd never found the zone of milk, honey, and
      non-washing-machine-chop that Eddy promised, so I packed it in.

      "You shoulda been here earlier."

      The kite guys were having a blast on 8 and 9m foils. Saw Eddy pull
      (and land) a nice little loop, all it took was a little girl on
      the beach to shout "do a trick!"
      Tom von Alten http://fortboise.org/

      Best regards,

      Chris Lee
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