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6693a comment on Snake River water quality

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  • Jack Harrison
    Aug 30, 2010
      Steve is correct regarding water quality in "Bruneau Arm". There is not much
      flow in the Bruneau River in the summer and most is Ag runoff from farming
      and cattle grazing. The poor WQ, low flows and hot temperatures produce very
      poor water quality...

      Without going into the details, it might be better to try this in the spring
      with much more flows and cooler weather, or latter in the fall with more
      mixing of the reservoir and cooler weather.

      The main channel of the Reservoir comes in from the north, with ag return
      flows, discharge from fish farming and wastewater. The Snake River upstream
      has sizable groundwater "spring flows" from the Thousand Springs area and
      above. This helps the water quality a bit in the fall, after ag
      irrigation/runoff decreases, the weather cools, and the reservoir mixes

      In the spring, flows in the Snake and Bruneau Rivers are generally high
      enough that water quality is much better.

      Keep in mind that the Snake River is considered Idaho's "working river".
      Much of the flow in the summer is return flows and wastewater discharge from
      fish farming and wastewater. There are efforts underway to improve water
      quality...but Idaho's time frame is rather slow...50 to 70 years. Maybe our
      kids will see it. And then again with Climate Change, maybe not.

      The Columbia is generally better water quality for a lot of reasons...(less
      ag return flows, no fish farms, less wastewater but a bigger nuke waste
      facility). Still my head plugs up after getting thrashed on a Big wind
      day.... part of the price you pay for fun!

      Jack Harrison, PhD, PE, PH-GW
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      I don't want to alarm anyone but I just felt a little kick in my

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      On Aug 29, 2010, at 14:01, Kay Walston <kaywalston@...> wrote:

      Eek! Fish semen. Could us girls get pregnant? Stay away girls. We
      could spawn fishboy!

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      On Aug 29, 2010, at 11:35 AM, Idahokiteboard <
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      The fish in CJ are actually spawning right now so your
      plugged noses are all from fish semen. Does snorting fish semen make you
      gay? Guess you all are now known as the Gay Pride Kiters!

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      On Aug 29, 2010, at 8:28, Gear Daddy LLC <
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      What a day!!! I sure wish we all would play at the
      downwind leg...the wind is so so so so much better and the swell is clean
      and big. This time I got Rusty to join me, and he realized the difference
      right away. Only bad part is there are no shore spectators to show off to.

      The 7-8:30 shift went off huge. solid beef with
      gusts to 43. Downwind were I like to play there was swell 3-4 ft and winds
      were 30-35.

      Up by the dam it was 15-45mph with typical washing
      machine chop.

      LP winds return as early as tomorrow, but forecast
      is for clouds. I think I 'll take the day off as I got 4 of last 5 days on
      water, and my nose is so stuffed up. Not sure what is in the water at CJ
      but it is killing my nose this year.

      Eddy @ Gear Daddy LLC
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      On Aug 28, 2010, at 1:28 PM, David Jakious wrote:

      I'll meet you all out here. Give me a heads
      up where you are going.

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      On Aug 28, 2010, at 12:20 PM, "Steve Linane"
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      Im going to keep a eye on it and if
      it gets to 20 g 26 or so then I will go . , but I don't see a way to
      forecast it today . its a good thing we didn't go yesterday , at 5;00 it
      looked like it mite start up but was a false alarm

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      2010 11:49 AM
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      Anyone heading out to CJ
      this pm.????

      James ( Jim ) Tighe
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