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658RE: [BSA] Re: Start of a good weekend?

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  • Tom von Alten
    Jul 13, 2006
      Jason B. asks:
      > Anyone have experience with
      > NE wind instead of SE? Does the North/South component make much
      > difference to us at LP in the morning?

      NE at Boise or Mtn Home would be a contra-indicator, but it can
      occasionally show up even though morning wind happens. Not sure
      why you're wondering about that direction, though. NE at Caldwell
      w/SE elsewhere, I'd discount.

      Lucky Peak RAWS (up the lake, at the nursery) will show NW, but
      the strength is what matters -- you want double digits.

      Look at the meteogram to see what happens in the typical morning
      wind pattern:
      It flips to SE in the night or around dawn, flips back NW late in
      the morning. (Note the time scale is UTC/GMT, 6 hrs ahead of
      Tom von Alten http://fortboise.org
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