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6142Re: [snowkiteidaho] like flying a waterbed

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  • Jon Bolt
    May 1 6:14 AM
      Jay...if you're gonna try to snow & water kite in the same place you need a foil that will water relaunch...Peter Lynn for you baby !

      On Fri, Apr 30, 2010 at 9:00 PM, jclivejordan <jclivejordan@...> wrote:

      Last day on the Camas (actually jmacs empire of the z)..... Eddy fixed my 15m Manta and it flew great (until the incident),,,, Steve Tony, Darrel and I enjoyed ^kiteable^ conditions for almost 2 hours or at least they did .. my kite hit the creek.. now I know why u don't fly foils on water.... flying a half filled waterbed is not a sport. Kiting Lesson 87,369

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