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  • Jim shultz
    Mar 19, 2010
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      So I showed up at double barrel with my 9M (12.5 out of commission right now) to Billy, Jack, Steve and Eddie getting ready to head out.  By the time I went out to set up, kite's were falling.  I ventured over to Spooners and managed to get a 9M in the air for about an hour of mediocre riding, but it was riding none the less, there was enough wind to pull me up to the ridge above the corrals, it was still blowing when I left.

      On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 9:40 AM, <darrelthomas@...> wrote:

      Yes, strange day on the Camas. Me J and Tony tool the late bus. Got there just In time to watch everybody walk out for miles. We bailed down to where "the River Runs Through It" the wind was about 12-14 In the valley, but if you climbed 30-40 feet up the hill, there was not much wind at all. When everyone came down off the top, they brought the bad juju with them and the wind started to die. As soon as they left, it came back up for another half hour. And of
      Course still nuking west in Mountain Home. 

      Weird wind day. It must have something to do with cold air sinks, katabatic flow etc...

      Darrel Thomas
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      On Mar 19, 2010, at 8:57 AM, "Steve Linane" <stevelinane@...> wrote:


      This is the way email works , One person posts a message then someone who is interested responds prior to the event in question , that what way the two parties can make plans . Sorry Chris and Chris but I though I was on my own and hitched a ride on the early buss to the camas .  when we left wind NW 15g17 when we arrived E 13g15 and back off fast from there . ended up trudging across the tundra mile after mile . Billy . Jack , Eddy .
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      OK am I the only one....WTF happened today?

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