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5193RE: Looks like the wind just kicked up a notch

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  • Tom von Alten
    Sep 30 8:23 PM
      Bruce ended up circling around and meeting me at
      Cocaine Canyon... which neither of us really liked the look
      of for launching. Seemed like you'd be slotted right along
      those islands... but I guess you pinch through the biggest
      gap to get above them?

      We saw somebody upriver on a kite after we'd moved
      to the Pump Station and launched out of there. Just one?

      It was gusty, to be sure, plenty of wind to drive a 4.7,
      which I'd sadly left at home. (Got distracted before I'd
      loaded the small sails!) The 5.1 was a hell of a ride.
      Bruce rigged down to 4.7 and was happy, I stanched
      the bleeding from letting my mast hit me in the face
      (nowhere near as cool as that tree stump in Coconut
      Cover, Steve, but I tried) and then decided it had eased
      up a bit... maybe it had, but the 5.1 was still a hell of
      a ride. I couldn't quite enjoy that channel with the bigger
      waves because I was too concerned about hanging on
      for dear life.

      We both cleared out right about 5, it was going strong
      but with some big clouds looking like they might change
      things. Stronger? Colder? Rain? We didn't wait to find out.
      Tom von Alten http://fortboise.org/
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