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50Re: [snowkiteidaho] today?

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  • Darrel Thomas
    Feb 11, 2005
      Short answer: no
      LONG answer:
      My current hypothesis on the winds patterns on the camas prairie is that there is a large pool of very cold air that is trapped in the basin that is largely keeping most winds off of the majority of the plain, but this bank of cold air will get blown to one end or the other, allowing the windward end to experience good wind.
      Channel 7 news gives the forecast high/low temps for Fairfield, as well as Hailey, Sun Valley, Mtn Home and Stanley.  Over the past month or more Fairfield has consistantly been colder than any surrounding areas at higher or lower elevations.  I have further backed up this data by periodically checking the temps at the other weather stations around Fairfield, going up into the hills.  It appears that there is a very solid temperature inversion in place.
      Given our experience last weekend of having no wind at the snowmobile park, but a crankin NW 12-15 just a couple miles up the road  I surmise that the wind had pushed the bubble of cold air away from the western edge of the basin to a point between the Hysterical site and the snomo park. I expect there was a corresponding temperature gradient too.  I also suspect this has been a simimlar story other times when we have driven out with good winds all the way to the prairie, then NOTHING.
      The good news is that the approaching low pressure, and accompanying unsettled weather might help to break things up a bit.  The forecaast is light winds for Sat/Sun, then cloudy w/ a chance of precip all week.  Following the wet, I would expect some good NW flow.
      All this being said, NOAA is forecasting SE 17mph winds for our site today.  As of 11:15am, Fairfield was still pretty light.  I am courious to see what develops through the day.
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      From: Bolt, Jon
      Sent: Friday, February 11, 2005 7:18 AM
      Subject: [snowkiteidaho] today?

      You experts...what's likelihood of wind at the good spots between Little Camas & historical marker, when wind projections are from SE?
      Today's Boise forecast is SE 10-15 and Deerhaven's already 10-18 & rising....
      What think ye?
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      From: rostolee [mailto:1boardhead@...]
      Sent: Thursday, February 10, 2005 5:41 PM
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      > I have posted some pics from last weekend's big adventure (camas 02-
      > 05-05).  Wish I could post bigger pics here.  These just don't do it
      > justice.

      Can't seem to find the pics.  Where are they?

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