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4767Manzo Update

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  • Jason Brickner
    Jul 1, 2009
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      Deferred kiting till late this afternoon.  Wind 24mph G32.  More 24mph than 32mph. Beach Air Temp 54.5F.  Water mid fifties.  On the water at 5:30PM... kited till 8:00PM.  Probably the best session ever on the Oregon coast.  Maybe it was lighter, or maybe I'm getting used to the 9m, or maybe I'm getting used to the waves, but it was totally enjoyable today.  Lightly depowered the whole time.  Outer break down in the 8ft range.  Big sections of flat foamy water between breakers.  One other kite out besides my brother in law.  SOmeone on what looked like a Liquid Force HAvoc.  IS Todd from Seattle already down here?  He packed up and left before I got off the water.
      Chrizzo and Ryan due in tomorrow.  Wind should hold out till Friday.  Hoping for a morning AND afternoon session tomorrow.
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