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  • Jason Brickner
    Jun 28, 2009
      Kited at Manzanita this afternoon from 4:00PM to 5:30pm with my brother-in-law.  Wind was avg25 gusts to 32mph.  Waves 10ft.  Small craft advisory.  Brother in law was on his 9m Waroo and I was on my 9m Fuel.  There is NO real way to describe how absolutely overpowered I was.  5th line Trimmed 1ft.  Depower cranked all the way in, Bar all the way out... standing on my tip-toes with all my body weight trying to stay on the beach.  This 2006 9M Fuel has twice the power of my 2005 11m Fuel.  I had fun playing on the inside.  NEVER thought of trying to make it out through the massive breakers.  They were walls of taller then me. Lined up three rows deep.  THe tops were blowing off.  It was the most wind I have EVER been in.  I have a feeling it was a steady 28mph and g35 at times.  Only one other kiter out when we went out.  He came in once we hit the water.  I'm thinking we missed the manageable wind earlier in the day.
      Lost my board a couple times, dropped the kite in the inside a couple times.  After 1.5 hours, decided it best to kite another day.  Supposed to be rocking here till at least Friday.  Water chilly.  Will use botties tomorrow.  Wish I have a 7m.
      By the way... I bought some Liquid Force Luxury pads and straps the other day for my crazy fly.  Awesome... awesome.  They have Nike air cushions in the heals.  Very comfy.  Highly recommended.  Perfect fit.
      JMac... You coming over to Manzo this year for the 4th?  Phone - 208-475-4670

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      keep us up dated
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      Subject: [idahokiteboarding] RE: [snowkiteidaho] Emailing: webcam32.jpg

      4 hrs in hood river yesterday on the 9m fuel.  wind mid 20's.  warm sunny amazing.  going to be at the oregon coast all week.  I hope you're right.  good winds!


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      The Oregon coast is looking good for the next week

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