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4700RE: [snowkiteidaho] Weather Station

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  • Jason Brickner
    Jun 2 8:38 AM
      Hey Eddy... I agree.  This morning would have been a good test.  The wind was ripping from the SE last night when I drove by the diversion dam.  Too bad for the rain and clouds.  I would love to have seen the numbers at the trailer this morning.
      Does Jim know about the time constraint we are under?
      Are you going some place kiteable for the HM?  What does CF have for light wind boards?  The more I think about my board, the more I think it has too much rocker for the light winds at LP.

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      Subject: [snowkiteidaho] Weather Station

      Yeah real bummer.... I still have not gotten a response from ACE.  
      I guess that, since I’m not president and have no pull, they no longer need to communicate with me, Jim has taken over!
      I would have liked to have finished this one but, now ACE is being pursued by others on this??? I’m out of the loop!!!

      My BSA presidential legacy is failing miserably. :-(  ...

      But, I’m getting married in 19 days :-) and advancing my grandest and most important legacy. :-) :-) :-)

      ...like I have time. I can not tell you when.  Jim said a couple weeks. WTF? 3 weeks I’m on HM and not thinking about LP, just getting lucky ;-)

      I’ve got ~2 weeks left to “Git’R Done”, then CYA in July.

      Believe me, I want it in. I don’t know why heels are now dragging? This morning would have been the tester for sure. I think it was working but.....

      EdD ;-/

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      Subject: Re: [snowkiteidaho] Tuesday session



      Any word on the phone line ?

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      Forecast has changed a little so  tomorrow looks promising


      From: Eddy Petranek <geardaddyllc@ gmail.com>
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      Subject:  [snowkiteidaho] Tuesday  session



      If it is not  raining tomorrow might be a possibility at LP. I'll go regardless of cloud  cover tomorrow just cause of a  hunch.





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