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4599Beach Clean up

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  • Gear Daddy LLC
    May 8, 2009
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      Beach Clean up Alrighty Groups,

      We need to do a hasty gathering for a Beach Clean up.   More importantly rock moving party.

      The Water is low
          so we must go.
      I’m a poet
          and I know it!

      Suggested weekends are the next 3, Starting tomorrow.  Sunday being Mother’s Day is probably out.

      I can make next weekend for the ceremonial passing of the torch,
      But the following weekend I’m playing in Mexico, and it is Memorial Day weekend!!!

      I suggest that we plan for this event on Saturday May 16 Starting at 10am.  That is 8 days away!!!!

      With the Water Low we can go and adjust toe banger rocks.  I will go talk to A.C.E. and see if we can get more Sand and pebbles delivered.  Also, ask if we can relocate the new sign they plopped down right in kite beach central.

      Hopefully we can have a ceremony that launches the new wind meter as well.

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