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4419Re: [snowkiteidaho] The Bay Area

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  • Gear Daddy LLC
    Apr 5 11:27 AM
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      Re: [snowkiteidaho] The Bay Area Steve,

      Friday ended up working nicely .  It was a bit firm at first but it soften up and the winds were pretty steady round 20mph.

      I got a new 13 Instinct Edge and the 9 Instinct Sport for Laura or me in High winds.  The New Ozone lineup has moved to 4 lines, I was fearful that it would not have the same support that last years had, but I’ve been assured that this year’s kites are going to blow me away.  Rumors are that hang time and height of jumps have been improved greatly. The ozone lineup was supposedly the big hit item at Pismo Beach Demo days. The 13 Edge was one of the only kites that was actually demoed on the water on the light wind day.   The Instinct Light kites got great reviews for a 3 strut kite low priced model.

      3 new Crazy fly Boards 145x48 Light wind, 135x46 Light wind (Laura) and 130x41 Bull Dozer.

      Looking forward to the water, got to get the elbow healed!!!!


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      what new toys did you get ?

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      Snow is still there... but I think on its way to a  quick melt off.

      Winds are not behaving like past years.  We have  not had the normal 4 day a week NW  spring flow...kinda  weird


      I’m ready for the water...got my new toys in and they  look sweet


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      Subject:  [snowkiteidaho] The Bay Area


      hola from  sunny Ca went to Sherman Island sat amazing place can't wait to kite winds  were out of the north so not a good day to kite normal south wind up river is  hopefully on the books for next weekend.
      Next weekend looks better and  should be some locals out. How's the snow you'll all be in the water by the  time I get  back.





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