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  • Gear Daddy LLC
    Sep 30, 2008
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      FW: Helpful information, hopefully... I spent some time talking to Joyce @ ACE this afternoon. She is really going out of her way to help us wind junkies. She said these options below are possibilities. They would still need to be presented to the State Attorney.

      I was hoping that I could get a couple reviews on them by others and see what the general thoughts were.

      I don’t want to get sued for doing this (although I can not think of what somebody would sue for ,,,, but again I guess some are willing to sue for something/nothing) so I guess that means if I’m putting my name on a document then I prefer it to be a domestic corporation or LLC. So the last option seems a little better. It is only $30/yr something that is easy enough to swallow even in today's economy.

      If anyone has any thoughts or comments, let me know.


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      Subject: Helpful information, hopefully...

      Things are looking up, I think.  I spoke with Linda at the Secretary of State office (208) 334-2301, she was very helpful in directing me to these sites and forms.

      She could not offer legal advice, but said she would be happy to help your group if you had questions.  

      Good Luck and holler if I can help further.

      Business Entity Publications in Idaho  (how to chose what you need)   I did end up looking at this, It's Idaho state statutes.

      http://www3.state.id.us/idstat/TOC/30001JTOC.html <http://www3.state.id.us/idstat/TOC/30001JTOC.html>

      And for other good info:
      http://idahononprofits.org/ <http://idahononprofits.org/>

      Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Form (super simple and free)  This also apparently allows you (as an association) to open a bank account if you desire

      http://www.sos.idaho.gov/corp/unaform.htm <http://www.sos.idaho.gov/corp/unaform.htm>

      Domestic Nonprofit Corporations (very simple and $30.00 one time fee)  Which will give you an annual mailing to update addresses and officers

      http://www.sos.idaho.gov/corp/corpform.htm <http://www.sos.idaho.gov/corp/corpform.htm>

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