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3527RE: [BSA] Re: LP lights up

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  • Jason Brickner
    Sep 24, 2008
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      Strongest morning of the year for me. My strut went flat on my 17m Fuel so
      it was barley manageable. I couldn't believe the rollers this morning. I
      actually launched my kite right from the Brickner Beach. It's getting nicer
      there all the time. As Jim and Bruce said, it was cranking this morning.
      Not sure what the wind speed is to blow the whitecaps OFF the top of the
      swell, but it was happening for a while.

      Gotta go fix that thorn popping a new hole in my strut every time I pump it
      up. Maybe the 15m will work instead.


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      Wow! I just got my hands to thaw out enough to type. Great day at LP!
      I did wear the shorty and a thick long sleeve rash guard under it to keep
      the body core warm. Overall I was warm but the hands did freeze up.
      Otherwise the morning was fantastic. The waves were huge (for LP).
      The three of us were riding waves and slashing. The jumps were a little
      scarey as the gusts were huge. Maybe the 6.0 sail was a little much.
      Even downhauling a lot was not enough as most of the time I was dumping
      wind. Tom C looked to be having a blast on his new 95L All Terrain Naish
      board. He was able to go right through the Turner wind shadow without
      falling in for a swim home. Barclay is pretty much done.
      Turners tomorrow. Mt Home looks good right now! But work, darn. Hope to
      see a few more brave souls tomorrow. Jim

      Did anyone see the Hula Girls?

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      I'd guess 24-30 mph, higher gusts, 2-3 foot swells..I'd swear it looked like
      the Columbia river. Jim T.,Tom C. and me, 5.2 to 6.0 sails, and 3 kites came
      later. Jason and the others were hanging on for dear life, as were we..a
      little bit of the frosty hands, but mine warmed up after sunrise. It was the
      last day for the Barclay boat ramp, it'll be Turner tomorrow. See you out

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