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3464This morning, Thurs

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  • tony williams
    Sep 11, 2008

      I definately see the pattern. 

      Get to parking lot, see good wind.

      Setting up kite, winds lulls.

      Go out on water, Just holding ground, no jumps just some transition backrolls on the corners

      Get off the water and pack up,  Wind picks up.

      Drive across dam 8:30ish to get to work,  Wind filling in nicely and whitecaps appear.


      That was pretty much the story on Tuesday and exactly what happened today.


      Also,  IT IS COLD!  My hands were the coldest they have been since I can remember. Colder then in May when I got out on LP for first waterkite this season.

      My recomendations for the weekend are to not bother getting there early(before 8) as it does not seem to work then.




      PS. I did get my 9m out yesterday and flew it in the park near 36th street. Made some adjustments to try to trim it some to stop it overflying in the gusts. lets hope we get some big wind so I can really get the thing out on the water.