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3161Monday session And Pictures

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  • Gear Daddy LLC
    Jun 30 11:48 AM
      Worked yet again this morn. It started a little slow, then filled in,
      then shut off, then filled back in, looked like it was dying but at
      9:30 it was way nice again. very weird!!!!

      I have some good pictures of kiting this weekend, I'm not as good as
      Aaron, but the image quality is there. If anyone wants copies bring me
      a memory stick/jump drive/Blank CD with your name on it, sorry I don't
      have time to manipulate pictures they are very large format. Steve,
      Tony Hawk, John, Others & Windsurfers. Anytime the boat is out and the
      Camera is clicking make sure you come close to the boat so Whoever is
      snapping can see your face. I'll stop being a photo hog so everyone
      can get their mug shot.

      No pictures during lessons so please leave any beginners (That I or
      anyone is teaching) lots of room. You may not screw up but they
      do!!!! remember how intimidating it was when you learned???

      Unfortunately, I have to make a rule with boat and photos. No jumping/
      riding on upwind side of it, All future pictures will be deleted or
      not taken if you show off on upwind side. Also If you dose the Camera
      with a wall of water, you buy the Camera... I'm the only one allowed
      to jump over boat, mainly b/c it's my camera/boat and I'm wiling to
      clean my splattered body off of it. I don't want to clean anyone
      else's stuff off it.

      Common sense if you screw up...& you will... you will go downwind and
      there lies the problem. I hope nobody is offended, & if you are I
      don't want to hear about it.

      CYA tomorrow unless it is cloudy!!!!

      Gear Daddy LLC
      (208) 863-6966