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3025RE: [snowkiteidaho] Re: big wind day

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  • Jason Brickner
    Jun 5, 2008
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      Hey Hawk,
      I would agree that yesterday was my favorite Lake Lowell session too.  WOW!!!  WOW!!!
      I wish I would have taken out my 11m Fuel (Next time I'll listen to Jon Bolt).  The 15m was WAY too much.  I'm constantly surprised how much I can depower the kites with my cleatable fifth line though.  Did anyone else notice how relatively smooth the wind was.  It was damn near perfect.  The launch was also great.  The only thing that stunk was getting stuck in traffic on the way and getting lost on my way there and back. 
      Thanks Jon for the directions.  I will take them with me next time.
      Big thanks for the phone call from Steve L tipping me off to Lake Lowell.  Wish I could have escaped work sooner.
      Parlaying my wager till yesterday paid out huge.

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      what a session, totally lit on my 9 in my backyard lake. everybody
      was grinning ear to ear and going huge. i really liked riding lake
      lowell, great launch area compared to what we are used to. the swell
      built up real nice, great lips for throwing backrolls. hopefully
      friday will be a repeat session..... .

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      Definitely the best kit session at lake Lowell ever. got 4 strait
      hours of warm water and sunny sky's at 1:00 pm 23 G 31 at 5:00 26 G 35
      the wind was like a symphony it would build to a crescendo and then
      decrescendo it play the same melody all day . perfect 12m kite or 5.0m
      > and Eddy
      Got point is close see email 2 week ago .
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      [snowkiteidaho] big wind day

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