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  • Steve Linane
    Jun 1, 2008
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      Your right Jason and Jon has a good point and to answer Eddy the current weather said clear  from 1:00 to 8:00 but when I went to the gym at 8:00 if was socked in so as we know you cant always trust the report and clouds kill the wind most days .
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      ..and this is why we need a windmeter right there at Barclay Bay.  With the price of gas now, who wants to get skunked (unless you have a nice convertible Miata and good books on CD to listen to).  I have everything selected for the weather station..  I'm just waiting for the green light from Eddy, and he is waiting for the green light from A.C.E..
      I'd imagine after this weekend's Ironman 70.3 is over, ACE will get back with us. 

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      ....BUT...Caldwell and Mountain Home are both showing NW-erly flow, which directly opposes the SE flow coming out of the dam and can constipate our morning drainage flow.  Not good when your morning drainage flow is constipated.  N/NW in MH & Caldwell means iffy chances of strong winds or winds lasting very long.  A better example of what to look for would include some sort of easterly flow in MH & Caldwell (ideally SE, but E and even NE work...but N or NW is unfavorable) .  As Steve says, even with all these indicators favorable, it can be zip....it just seems that when they are all there, the odds of being zip are much lower.

      On 6/1/08, Steve Linane <stevelinane@ clearwire. net> wrote:
      Looks like LP could of been good this morning by looking at the #s , for those of you trying to get familiar with the LP readings this morning is a good example of what to look for SE wind at the airport N 12to 20 at LP clear sky . and high baro of 30 . and a temp difference between LP and the airport .  LP colder the airport warmer . these are all good signs . but ,and its a big but , any and all can be missing and it still works or thy can all be there and zip
      I plan to go up tomorrow the forecast looks good , the rest of the week ,looks like the mornings are going to be very cool.


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