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  • Eddy @ Gear Daddy LLC
    May 9, 2008
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      Thanks too all pledge’s so far


      At this point I’ve gotten back ½ dozen emails and we are half way there. Might be extra funds to put a camera in too!


      Keep the pledges coming!!!!  If we get more than enough we will round down to the lowest pledge requirements to get everyone fairly even.


      Thanks Again


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      I got a crispy $50 for yeah, it is a "no-brainer" thats nothing in the long run. just tell me when and i will mail you the money. thanks for your work up at LPR.
      www.idahokitesports .com

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      Subject: [snowkiteidaho] FW: [BSA] ACE Meeting at LP

      Water Wind Sports has definitely started!!!


      I had a great meeting with A.C.E. yesterday and they really like us a ton, by far we are their favorite user group. I met with Joyce, Keith, and Mike to discuss the future plans at Barclay Bay Beach (BBB). Keith will be taking over the majority of Joyce’s day-to-day trivial duties, but she still wants to be involved in the things that help us.  Mike is a new Ranger and has attempted kiteboarding in his past and seems eager to try it again at LP.  It’s awesome to have a fellow wind enthusiast in this situation.


      A.C.E is still working on BBB as a major attraction for ADA (Amer. w/ Disabilities) members. This summer the first project is to pave the area under the middle shelter and place a side walk from shelter to Restroom. Eventually there is a plan to make a driveway and parking area down to that shelter. We discussed many the different possibilities and potential problems. They are completely open to ideas and suggestions, but there will be a need to bring vehicle close to that shelter. This is a next year project at soonest.


      Beach Clean up:  Well the beach looked good but it does have a massive amount of weed growth.  I’d like to organize a clean up or we can do it independently… There is some fresh sand and pea gravel that could be spread as needed; unless I’m told otherwise by next week.  Anyone interested in meeting this weekend for weed pulling? I think we will have to wait a little on the sand /gravel move. I’m out of town the next weekend so I can not participate then.


      Wind Meter:  We have tentative permission to place a wind meter on the RV shelter and use phone line and building to house CPU. Jason Brickner has found some quality equipment that is going to run ~$750-1000 to do what we want. Unless someone wants to write in for a grant, which I could imagine taking years to process, we as a group will have to finance the purchase of equipment. Any equipment placed there will have to be available to general public, so we would have to pay for boaters and anyone else who would like to use this service. It has to be free in the end, and ACE will put up the phone service. I think that even with the small group that we have, we would only have to donate $25-50 per person and we could have it completely paid for. (Think of the GAS you would SAVE!!!!) I will even offer to double the highest donation if needed (up to $100).  So please make a pledge that we as the group can count on. I’m not sure how we can do this privately, but for right now if you are willing to go in the range I mentioned above drop me an email and I’ll start to add up our pledges to make sure we are in the Black. I don’t know exactly who in our group is acting as a treasurer, if we have or need one, but this is an easy deal if we get more than we need we will work it out some how….  Jason is writing up a memo of intention for ACE and once they give us the green light and if funds are available we will go forward on the wind meter purchase and install. I was hoping we could get the information transferred to the T.V. weather site.


      Anyway looking forward to my first session at LP, I’ve had 2 at ICR, maybe a 3rd today.  Has anyone hit LP yet?






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