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271Re: [snowkiteidaho] gk sonic

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  • Tom Cavaiani
    Dec 15, 2005
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      See the latest issue of Kiteboarding magazine for a review of "bow" kites to get more info.  Many manufacturers are now producing bow kites, besides Cabrinha.  The Sonic has gotten some high ratings.  AirRush also has an entry that looked interesting.  North, RRD, and Best have decided to wait before releasing bow kites.
      Also there is a short article about Fairfield ID and FairView UT.  Looks like Fairfield is in the middle of nowhere.  Oh what a treat it is to live in the "middle of nowhere" :)

      >>> kiterguuy@... 12/15/05 12:59 PM >>>
      the gk sonic rocks u guys should invest in one a 11 gk sonic is like a
      8 meter threw a 15 and a 7 is like a 1 threw 8 they are freakin sweet

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