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2447new spot and the new Double Super Secret Spot

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  • Eddy
    Feb 1, 2008
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      Found a new spot today Calling it "Steve's Turnoff" or "Golden Eagle
      Surprise" J will have it on kitesites.com. It was a Great time snow
      was thinner than Camas but since Hwy 20 was closed we ran out of
      options so we went looking. Any way the Road right before you start
      the Camas Climb hang a Right and about a mile down we found a clear
      area. There were a few surprise (got some work for Darrel) rocks but
      the sun was out the wind was 9-17 and the scenery was awesome.
      Everyone had fun, even those that were smart enough to not go under
      the power lines.

      On the Way home we decided to take a little Detour and found something
      really new and awesome. Will be headed there tomorrow as soon as the
      wind starts and the best thing is it is 15 min out of town. This is
      the New Double Super Secret Spot.