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222RE: [snowkiteidaho] Snowkite trip to UTAH DEC 2-4

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  • Gear Daddy, LLC
    Nov 27, 2005
      OK here's the Deal!!
      At last Count here is who has confirmed a spot to go to Skyline snowkite festival Leaving Boise on Friday Dec 2:
      Eddy, Darrel, Ryan, Andrew(Monty),
      Jason will be working in E.Idaho and will meet us there on Saturday, He will return on Sunday if anyone wants to leave before Monday afternoon.
      Still Positive but not confirmed:
      Steve, Jay, Jon
      Hawk, Gregg
      I've got one more trip to WA leaving Monday afternoon returning Wed nite. I hope!!! But will definitely be here on Thursday.
      The Boat will leave around 4pm on Friday from my house so park your cars over here. We have the option of driving all the way to Fairview or somewhere in between.
      Make sure you touch base with me before Thursday so I can confirm number of cars, and rooms.  Will be Dirt bagging it so bring Sleeping bags and pads if you have them.
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      Jason Brickner here...  I am going to be making sales calls in South Eastern Idaho the week before.  I have received clearnace from the mothership (wife) for the weekend.  Is it too late to join in the fun.  This would be my first snowkiting experience. 
      Who can I call to get the details?
      P.S.  If anyone needs a ride back Sunday afternoon, this is when I intend to go back to Boise.
      Jason Brickner
      Home - 336-7366
      Work - 384-0132

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      Sent: Friday, November 11, 2005 6:11 PM
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      Subject: [snowkiteidaho] Snowkite trip to UTAH DEC 2-4

      Count Right now:
      Jay ( will not be returning to Boise )
      I plan on Taking my truck since I will have a roof box, a big trunk and another rack on the rear deck. We should be able to load everyone's gear & carry 5 people. Leaving Friday afternoon Returning Monday night
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