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1922Re: [snowkiteidaho] Re: [BSA] Sunday ---- It was a wild ride.

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  • tony williams
    Oct 2, 2007
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      I sure had fun on Sunday with the 13m Instinct.  I don't think it was reaching 40+ then but definitely in the 30s and I did not have to sheet in the depower much more then a couple of inches.  Only wish I had not tried to get tricky and ended up slamming the kite down so hard on the water that a weak point on the kite caused it to rip along the strut.  Now it will have to go to the shop to be repaired. Bummer.  Oh well it is getting a bit cold anyway. 
      First time kiting at the bruneau bridge and I did like it but there were 3 submerged logs that were potential killers if you landed on them. the were sticking up like lances, just a couple of inches under the water, one i did not see until I rode over it.  Located 15 yards east of the island,  the other 2 are in the very shallow water just west of the island. 
      PS. the wind was a bit cleaner more west of the bridge.  My suggestion would be to(if you are with anyone, is to launch at the bridge and take out at the pump house.  That way you can stay in between  where the wind is best.

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      That 9M kite moves fast!

      I worried about wrecking Hawk's Kite, but it made me think I could get at 9M and learn the
      survival kite thing - If I did it more, I'd probably get better at it... The launch and delaunch
      were pretty scary, but the riding was kinda fun I must admit..


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      > Hey Jim,
      > Was it more on the gusty or smooth side? Or is that a stupid question.
      > Hey Jay, how was it on the 9M kite. Could I have survived on my 10M C kite?
      > Sounds like fun. Tom C., was it too windy to kite?
      > -Jason
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      > Well sailors;
      > The numbers were great and the flags were straight out but the lake was in
      > sheets. Big holes, very gusty. Dwight and I just talked and looked.
      > No way does that look fun. So we left. I got to the Albertson's at the
      > freeway and called home to see what Mountain home looked like. When Nancy
      > reported 26mph I said I'd be home late. When I arrived at CJ, Water was
      > crashing over the dam. Once in sight of the lake I saw Tom and Steve were
      > out trying to hold on as they were blasting. The lake was totally capped
      > with spray coming off half the waves. I rigged the 5.0 with the 100 L
      > board. Too fast, too much sail, too much board.
      > Came right back and 84 L board down hauled the sail to the boom. Still too
      > much but sailed anyway. Wind meter said 26-38mph high 60's with sun. We
      > all left the small stuff in the garage. I did borrow a 4.0 sail from Steve
      > late afternoon and that was more fun. Then took out his
      > 4.5 setup which was pretty good. Jay went out on a 9 M kite and did ok.
      > Pretty crazy day. Drove home very tired. Slept well. Hope some more wind
      > comes our way soon. Jim
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