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1839Re: [snowkiteidaho] Next few days should be ON!

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  • tony williams
    Aug 31, 2007
      I hope I did not steer anyone wrong this morning.  I told Eddy and Steve that there was no wind at 7:00 which was true, but at 8:00 some strong wind developed with the storm front that also brought a little rain.  Not sure how long the winds lasted but it just gos to show that you can never tell what will happen.

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      Hi Tony...Jon Bolt here....
      Today was pretty darn good...somewhat gusty after 9AM or so, but still way fun.  I didn't make it to LP until little before 7:30.  When I got there sun was on water and it looked light, so I broke out my 16 PL (flies about like 14 LEI).  That sandy area downwind of Turner is pretty big and folks have cleared it of rocks, as I cleared a few more this morning.  Looked to be picking up out on the water as I was setting up.  Self launched from there in fairly mild wind but you know the inconsistency there.  When I got out to the steady stuff, it was really picking up.  Definitely a lot hotter than when I arrived...it really built strong.  Fully lit on my 16 and could've easily had a great time on my 13.  Some pretty huge airs during first hour or so.  Tom was out too on his Naish and directional, then Eddy came out late (after forgetting his harness...he borrowed Linane's, who was windsurfing) .  When Eddy finally made it out it had just backed down a notch and average seemed to ease, but seemed like as time passed it got gustier.  It was full sun on water at the start, but clouds came in to block the sun and it got pretty gusty...the first time in ages some strong surges hit me so hard and long I just couldn't edge it hard enough or go as fast as I needed, and got a good spankin-tumble- backwards- upsidedown- hammered- drag...you know those???  Instant relaunch tho, purged out the belly ballast tanks, and continued.  Stayed very kitable until 10 AM retreat back to Turner, but last half hour or so could've used bigger kite.  See you tomorrow/this weekend.

      On 8/30/07, tony williams <tonyswilliams@ yahoo.com> wrote:

      Let me know how it was Today(thur) so I will be sure to be there tomorrow.

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      Subject: [snowkiteidaho] Next few days should be ON!

      Heads up!  I think LP will be really good for the next 3 days.


      See ya up there,



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