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179Re: [snowkiteidaho] kiteing

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  • Tom Cavaiani
    Nov 1, 2005
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      Personally I think the fall is the best season, because the winds seem to be more consistent.  Summer is good because it is warmer, but the wind picks up the best at sunrise, which is usually about 5:30 to 6am.  Too early for me.
      Launching in the summer is a problem, depending upon the wind direction.  It can be done at Barclay Bay.  I have done it once, and not been able to get upwind as far as I would have liked to.  Eddie, Steve, and Jon do it all the time and have good luck getting up wind.  I usually walk or boat around to the cove, which is upwind, and water launch from there.  In the fall when the water is down, there is clean wind and big beaches, just a short walk from Turner boat ramp.  I prefer taking the walk to have a clean launch.

      >>> kiterguuy@... 11/01/05 2:11 PM >>>
      what is the best seson for kiteing at lucky peak

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