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  • kerrminatortwo
    Jul 31, 2007
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      Hey Kiters and Boarders of the Treasure Valley. This is Garrett (The
      Kid) Kerr. I was talking to Eddy the other day about an idea I've
      been thinking about for a while, and I wanted to see what you guys
      thought or what kind of input you could give.

      We all love and enjoy getting up at 6/5:30 am to check the weather
      conditions and pretty much make a coin-toss decision to make the drive
      out to Lucky Peak. You get up around the dam crossing your fingers as
      you reach the point of visibility for the lake. Sometimes it's great,
      sometimes nothing, and sometimes you have to wait a bit longer to find
      out if it's gonna blow or not.

      Eddy and I discussed the possibility of making up some kind of system
      for cell phone texting to make our sailing more efficient and time as
      well. Eddy has been to the lake this summer almost every day having
      more than 50+ sessions under his belt. As we all know he is the man to
      go to for questions, gear, lessons, etc. Hell, lets make him the
      weather man too!

      If we worked out a system of paying Eddy each $25-30 bucks a month to
      be put on a texting list where he would send out a morning text for
      each day he was there... would anyone be interested in getting on that
      list? Of course this system isn't perfect. It doesn't guarantee
      anyone that the wind will be what the text says 15 minutes later, but
      it would be nice to have an idea. If Eddy had the time and we made it
      worth it for him, he might give an occasional smorgistbort of texts
      and updates.

      Anyway, I'm just sending this message to get a little feedback from
      people and see if this isn't a good idea or not.

      I'll see ya' out there!

      Garrett (The Kid) Kerr
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