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1638RE: [BSA] D. Patrick & K. Olbermann....The Big Show vs. GearDaddy...the Big Tent

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  • Gear Daddy, LLC
    Jul 1, 2007
      The GearDaddy is here to help..Anything I can do!!!

      Steve Linane and I are working on our new circus act.

      Part1: nose riding the long board while Steve Expertly lets me hang
      all Ten.

      Part2: to jump and spring board off the high pole, again with the
      help Steve's expertise the fine manipulation of sailboard technology.

      Both Acts were amazing and brought good Cheer. Where is the Camera when you
      need it for such Daredevil activities.

      I think We will work on our Grand finale next time where I let Steve jump
      over the kite and rail slide my lines, But as soon as Steve gets his kite
      fixed I will lose my partner but I'm looking for new volunteers all the

      Your GearDaddy

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      Big Tent

      Val & Steve were up bright & early; so early, Val forgot her shoes.
      They were almost rigged when I arrived Sunday morning at 6:10am. We were on
      the water by 6:25am; sailed 'til 8:30am; and it was good.

      Jim T. made an appearance and Steve. L. made a cameo as a windsurfer (his
      kite got shredded last session).

      The kiters were out in full force; so numerous were they that their kites
      blocked out the sun like a circus tent. Thank you GearDaddy....I no longer
      have to use sun screen.

      Lets hope to have a hot July with frequent high pressure bubbles on the
      Wyoming border.

      'on the water...'


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