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146Re: [snowkiteidaho] how was oregon? cj was pretty awesome

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  • Darrel Thomas
    Jul 5, 2005
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      Glad you had a good ride, bummer about the sumac.  Hope you don't itch too bad.  (My secret poison ivy cure:  Take a REALLY HOT bath, as hot as you can possibly stand, and soak for about 20min or more.  It causes your body to deplete its supply of histamine, giving you near total relief for up to 8hrs.  Its the only thing that really seems to work for me.)
      Alvord Dry Lake was awesome.  Winds were good Saturday, but pretty wierd with thermals mid afternoon.Still manageable though.  Sunday, I had to wait for the thermals to come up around 11:00 or so and then quit when they got pretty violent around 3:00.  Thermals can really be strange;  I did an up wind turn, which then must be followed by a kite loop to untwist the lines. But after the loop, the kite didn't seem to want to come down, so I started another loop, and the kite quite happily came down on the other side!  The wind switched 180 while I was looping.  It was a lot of fun playing in these winds.  As long as I didn't presume to know which way the wind was blowing, I could keep going non-stop.  Both evenings were perfect with a steady NW 7mph breeze from around 6:00 'till 11:00pm, when I could fly my 5m Quadrifoil Comp. buggy kite.  Sizes and wind speeds don't really translate, as you can go in a fart, and easily move at tripple the windspeed.  I buggied 'till after dark Saturday, but had to bag it Sunday around 9:00 before my arms fell off, and head to the hotspings for a nice soak. It was definitely up in the top 3 Alvord trips I've ever had.
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