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13465Re: [snowkiteidaho] Sunday

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  • jwattboi
    Aug 24, 2014
      The IDT LP station only shows mid single digits all morning.  Isn't the general rule 10-12+ there makes for a good day?
      You missed it yesterday at CJ, got there at 3:30.  Warm water, lit 12m most of the time, a few lulls here and there with occasional 9m winds that made for big fun.  Family played on the beach and I got almost 2 1/2 hours in before we headed to Fatty'z for a pizza and beer.  

      Someone else did show up, I saw them pump up and try to launch.  Things must not have gone good, I went in after it looked like they had trouble and he had a tear in the canopy.  I didn't recognize him, but Lesley said she talked to him and his daughter had been out earlier on a 9m downwind of Black Sands.
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