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  • Jim Tighe
    Jun 12, 2014

      The meter is up and running thanks to a combined effort by Chris l and the info supplied by Eddy and ????.  thanks guys.


      It was a good day today even though I arrived after 7am.  Smiles all around.


      The meter fund is coming along nicely.  At this time I have $420 in hand.  I will get Jake $300 to pay for the internet service he paid for last year.  As I understand the hotspot was donated by him to our group.  So now we own both the hotspot and the weather station.  Please correct me if this is wrong.  I will pay for the internet this season until end of October.  I will take it down then and put it inside for the winter for safekeeping out of the cold.  Once I have met the goal of $455 ($300 Jake 2013 internet and $155 Jim 2014 internet) I will stop pan handling for funds.  Here is a list of those that donated various amounts so far;

      Jon Bolt

      Josh Woodland

      Bruce Robb

      Jack/Penny Harrison

      Jason Brickner

      Eric Kraska

      Steve Linane

      Greg Danley

      Steve, Val Grimes

      Jen/Dan Bond

      Chris L



      Thank you  everyone for making this such a successful project.


      James R. Tighe

      Gem State Gymnastics Academy / Tighe Gym Sales

      5420 W. State St., Boise, Idaho 83703

      Gym; 208-853-3220

      Cell; 208-859-1397

      email: jim@...