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12848...more of Qatar: Fuwarit beach

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  • Jon Bolt
    Mar 27, 2014
    The first full day after arrival & jetlag sleep-in, Ryan & Kelly took me north a fair drive to perhaps most popular beach in the country...popular w/ all the locals, foreigners & Qatari arabs.  What makes it nicer than most other beaches...it's so popular municipal authorities come in every weekend night & clean up the trash and clear off all the grassy seaweed that accumulates after high tides.  Makes for a real clean sandy shore.

    Pics  titled "upwind" and "downwind" show Fuwarit both directions from our launch site.  You can see the clear aquamarine water and probably didn't really need the shorty.   Very first day there & wind cooperated, light but smooth & steady, nice for a comfort sesh on Ryan's 16.5 Ion.  Pretty nimble for a 16.5.  Terrific way to work off the jetlag slag, which is kinda rough traveling that far.

    There's 2-3 pics of kite action shot, no big air, but fun cruise & play.  You can see there's no designated kiting area, and swimmers intermingle w/ the kiting, so have to be careful, but with  light steady wind like this it's not conducive to radical stuff happening.

    What a way to end the first day with sunset bbq...I think it was pork ;<)...did I tell you?...in Qatar, you can buy pork, but have to get it at the same government store that controls (rations) liquor...the Koran classifies both as menaces .  Causes bacon cravin' disorder in westerners...