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12843Jon of Arabia...Episode 3: Adventures in Al Mafyar

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  • Jon Bolt
    Mar 26, 2014
    On this day Master Ryhammad takes his loyal servant Haji for an evening drive for an overnight camp at a beach spot in the far north of the kingdom.  The road is long, but the clever Ryhammad knows a shortcut under the massive freeway, substantially easing the travel (pic0).  Our destination is the distant beach of Al Mayfar (pics 1,2).  The beach boasts a magnificent kiting playground with many sand islands & tidal channels for glorious flatwater play (pic 3).  This sweet spot has these wonderful features in both directions, up and down the beach!   In pic 2 note Master Ryhammads meager encampment compared to lavish Qatari tent compounds in the background, which, this being a weekday, are vacant.  Master Ryhammad, beset by tent envy, decides to make temporary use of a splendid cone topped tent lounge (pic 4).

    The tent upgrade decided, loyal servant Haji learns master Ryhammad will proceed to windplay while Haji works! (pic 5), ordered to tend master's friggin' goat herd (pic 6) and inspect the ancient fish trap for catch du jour (pic 7).  In pic 5, note the ancient military fort in the background, an early permanent settlement constructed no doubt to defend ports & pearl hunting grounds (now a protected archaeological site).

    Master Ryhammad plays in the slicks & channels & jumps the sand bars (pics 8,9,10) behind the ancient fort.  Meanwhile, a disgruntled Haji, distant from the sting of his master's camel whip, elects a less diligent approach to tending the goats & looking over the fish trap (pic11).  Note the heavy hand-knotted Persian rug spread over sand, and surprisingly darned heavy large pillows.  (Evidently they don't want the pillows to blow away, or compress much for that matter).  It's a classic comfortable Arab Bedouin hideaway.

    To attempt early release from the day's bondage, Haji searched the tent lounge for a brass genie lamp (pic12), then attempted to make the carpet fly...both to no avail.

    Suddenly the lounge's owner appears waving a shiny sharp & ever so large scimitar, enraged that infidels had fouled his tent.  Haji, escapes certain dismemberment, explaining he's merely a servant following orders, and under great duress offers up a more worthy target for the owner's wrath (pic13).

    Haji's master flees the crazed threat, leaving Haji to finally enjoy windplay with a different sort of magic carpet (pic14).

    Our morning play ended as wind direction became a north with little west, beckoning a warm afternoon session at a bucket-list spot that requires this rare wind direction.   Our expedition south to this new spot was interrupted only for a quick fresh seafood snack at the waterfront in Al Thakira (pic15)

    Stay tuned for an upcoming episode at this second spot which requires the rarer straight north wind direction which developed this day...it's a place with two epic backgrounds, the downtown Doha skyline and The Pearl, an ultra posh new residential development comparable to the famous Palm Island in Dubai.

    Author's note: At Al Mafyar, Master & Haji both on 12.5m kite, light wind morning session before departing for second kite spot of the day.

    Salam Alikum