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12820Fwd: Jon of Arabia...episode #2

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  • Jon Bolt
    Mar 21, 2014
    ...sorry folks...not sure why prior gmail elected to use Yahoo groups attachment viewer to show pics, or why that viewer jumbled the picture order compared to how I attached them...anyway, trying it again, hopefully this won't be so messed up.

    (...Chapter 3 at publishers now for editing)


    When last encountered, our hero celebrated divine deliverance (pic 1) from the relentless searing heat & skin-grinding sand of the vast Arabian Desert (pic 2).

    This first celebration took place in crystal clear aqua green & so comfortably warm waters at the seaside hamlet of Al Wakrah where the beach can be seen lined with modern villas of distinctive Arab architecture with nearby mosque & minaret (pic 3).  The Persian gulf is shallow with gradual shores most everywhere, so houses are built far back allowing plenty of beach for tides and storm surge.  This day, gentle warm steady winds made a pleasant playground for 11m & 13m magic carpets.  Water is flat with chop and waves no larger than our home water.  Note the absence of a wetsuit...no searing heat this day, but not the slightest chill either...absolutely pleasant...Allahu Akbar!!

    A ongoing display of supremely playful carpet riding skills (including the sequence in pics 4-7) naturally soon found 3 or 4 local wimmin unable to resist closer witness of this magical spectacle and its celebrity players (pic 8).  They too soon gave to play in the warm gulf waters while the wind so pleasingly filled their burkas (which provide excellent UV protection too!).  But our hero successfully resisted their excited & inviting gazes, content to enjoy the blessed winds & warm clear water surely bestowed by Allah himself.

    Soon a larger crowd gathered around this infectious display of joyful recreation (pic 9), continuing to build even as the afternoon prayer call beckoned otherwise.  Before long, though, local clerics enraged at this en masse ignorance of religious duty came to a darker view of our hero's threatening and useless play.  They charged the scene making threatening hand gestures about the neck and carrying odd religious instruments (pic 10, 11).

    But our hero cleverly fled downwind to hide in the shadows of a huge seawater desalination plan, about 7 or 8 of which provide most ALL the country's fresh water (pic 12).  This trick foiled the attackers who wisely chose to forego any action which might risk sudden shutdown of fresh water flowing to ALL their followers.  Evidently religious powers fade pretty quick when people get REALLY THIRSTY.  The manuever worked, and our hero lived to kite another day....

    Stay tuned for Chapter 3: Jon & Ryan go to Zekreet...

    (gotta run now folks...fun neighbors invited us over to play jihad this evening)