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  • Jason Brickner
    Jan 22, 2014

      You know when your cell phone battery is pretty much dead.  Then you plug it in for a couple minutes and get a 3% charge.  Just enough to make a quick call.  That’s what your email has done to my stoke.  Keep them coming, I need more charge to get me to the spring.  Picture is worth 10%... words not as much.


      Have a blast amigo!  When you’re out cruising or drinking that Cervesa in the hot springs watching the sun go down, think of us poor suckers stuck in the foggy abyss with no snow.




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      poor internet bandwidth this year in La Ventana, so spotty & brief.


      this year crossed Jan 14 early AM.  Santa Ana wind event blowing in San Diego, so took new route:  east to Calexico/Mexicali crossing then down to San Felipe.  Kited first PM couple hours 7 miles north of San Felipe at "Pete's Camp", smoooooootthhhh 12m WARM wind.  Spent night nearby/.  Next AM explored & found best kite spot yet discovered anywhere in Baja....google Bahia Santa Maria.  turnoff is 31 km south of San Felipe.  Much smaller area than Bahia La Ventana, but fantastically varied playground.  Arrived just before high tide, primo timing.  A main lagoon w/ lucky peak caliber flatwater, wrapped in sand dunes with opening on outside to nicely organized ocean swell.  Also has many channels off the lagoon that snake around separated from ocean by small barrier dunes.  You can kite the waves or big lagoon, then go up or downwind and find glass flatwater,  Also get out of ocean, walk over dunes, then downwind in the sweet channels.  Absolute killer spot during Santa Ana winds.  2-3 hours kiting then took hiway south to Gonzaga bay, then 3 hours on rocky road back to hiway 1, staying in Guerrero Negro at night.  Next day to La Ventana in time to get RV from storage & sleep at camp.


      Warmest January I've seen in 12 years coming to La Ventana.  2mm full suit just fine.  Amazingly warm.  Kited every day so far, powered 9m every day, looks same again today.  Hear El Norte coming tomorrow so maybe 7m..  


      So since departing San Diego, terrific kiting every day, except the one day we had to devote purely to driving.  If Santa Ana's blowing on way back, will definitely hit Bahia Santa Maria again.


      All for now.



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