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12579Newbie getting into the sport

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  • st01ck
    Dec 23, 2013
      Hello All,

      I am a newbie looking for some info from some local experienced members.

      My background is that I am experienced in sailing and snow skiing. 
      I got some gear late in the water season, but was not able to get any real use this last year.
      I want to hit the snow to get some fun kite experience and be ready for the water in the Spring/Summer.
      I have read a lot and flown a 6 meter c kite (5 line) a couple times in less than ideal conditions.  I also have a 9 meter bow kite, and know that a bow kite is better than a c kite for a beginner, but not sure if the larger size makes it a less ideal candidate in comparison to the 6.
      I have also had a difficult time figuring out how to tell when and where is a good place to get some good practice flying.  From what I gather, the Columbia Village soccer fields are good and there is some way to tell if the next day will be good by watching the conditions at the Boise airport?

      I am really excited about the snow getting better this year, and being ready for spring/summer on the water.
      I would appreciate any opinions on the 6 vs 9 kite dilemma (what is better, a small c kite or larger bow kite?), and how can I tell when the wind is right for some good practice sessions?


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