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12411Lucky peak

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  • Jim Tighe
    Oct 12, 2013
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      Last day for the month to sail for me.  Got there as Larry was leaving.  Meaning I was kinda late.  But I did the hike and rigged up the 6.2 and headed to the wind line.  planed for 90% of the time.  Very short time but I got wet and went fast.  then I slogged in and derigged.  then took the hike.  did better then the other day but boy is that a workout.  Hope some of you get to get wet.  I'll be back on the 29th so maybe some late indian summer in November.

      Jim Tighe
      Gem State Gymnastics Academy
      Tighe Gym Sales
      208-859-1397 or gym at 208-853-3220
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