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12220SPI October Trip...roster

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  • Jon Bolt
    Sep 4, 2013
    OK folks, starting work on lodging & rental cars for Boise invasion of SPI.  But first wanna make sure I have names of all participants & phone #'s.  Looks like we are up to as many as 14 of us. Attached is preliminary roster.  Please reply re:
    1)  Did I miss anyone?  Someone out there planning to go that's no on attached list?
    2)  Need phone #'s for Jason Watt & Garrett Kerr.
    3)  Brian & Susie Kerr...I know your participation was contingent on resolving some schedule challenges.  What's your present outlook?
    4)  All Kerrs & Hills: Rusty indicated he & Annie & Garrett & Jacque would lodge together.
          a)  Brian & Susie, if you go, would you lodge w/ Rusty & Garrett?
    I'll be contacting a property manager in SPI soon to begin hunting for places in earnest, and formulate some rental car sharing proposals.  Stay tuned & those of you called out above, please reply ASAP w/ info.