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12079Re: [snowkiteidaho] Boise Group Gorge Trip

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  • Jim shultz
    Jul 29, 2013
      Just woke up after 3 straight days of 7m at the hatch...not sure my body can take another!   Definitely worth the trip, if Krysta and I are around then were in!

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      On Jul 27, 2013, at 10:04, Greg <daflyinhawaiian64@...> wrote:


      I was out there last weekend and had a fantastic time. First session was at the event site and was quite powered on my 7. Second session was at the marina on a 9. The marina has just been reopened and is quite fun in that it is mostly flat water and pretty shallow 1-2' for quite a ways till you get to the channel. Good for learning, practicing new stuff plenty of parking if you get there early. And it's free. I the. Had a session at Rufus 9 and had a blast on the rollers and current.  Fun riding the swell downwind and using the current like an escalator back up. Hit 3mile(my fav) on my way home had a solo session on my 14 and it was awesome. Nothing huge but fun playing on the rollers on the outside and skimming the flats on the inside. While I was out there I saw this unusual craft on the washington side so I went over to check it out and here was three guys cruzing this amphibious duck down the river. I hooted and hollared and they did the same. It was very light on that side so I couldn't hang for very long till they motored away. Fun though. Can't wail to go back. 

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      On Jul 27, 2013, at 10:36 AM, Gear Daddy LLC <geardaddyllc@...> wrote:


      Hey all,

      Sending out an open invitation to get local crew out to the Gorge. Looking at the weekend of August 10th. Hopefully wind for the surprise show and good weather for camping out at 3-Mile, Rufus, or Roosevelt. Anyway I think we will leave Thursday night and Return Sunday evening.


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