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11896...a fresh & daunting example of why to NEVER go out in the ocean farther than you care to swim...

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  • Jon Bolt
    Jun 27, 2013
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    ... about THE LAST THING YOU'D EXPECT TO FAIL...but it happened to me day-before-yesterday.
    You think of bars as indestructible, so don't routinely inspect 'em.  I didn't notice any prior sign of problems or corrosion leading up to this....but I never closely inspected.
    BUT...if this can happen to one of the most indestructible pieces of your gear, imagine what else can happen?...when you never expect it.  If you're far from shore with no one around when that happens, it can get serious.
    Also have to say how darned impressed I am w/ Dakine Customer Support!!!  KUDOS, Hat's off!, Best-In-Class!.  At slightest sign of a problem seems most kite companies & retailers start angling for the least they possibly can do.  All my experiences w/ Dakine been exactly the opposite...including this one.  Spreader bars take huge stresses, can't last forever, & are cheap.  I was planning on buying a replacement but thought I'd find out if the HoodRiver Dakine factory could repair/reweld just as they repair (free of charge) any of their harnesses that you carry in.  If so, figured I might drop it off next trip to HR.  I sent Bill @DK an email w/ picture of broken bar (alongside the harness), asking if HR factory could reweld (just as they repair harnesses).  Instantly he asked the size of the harness and is mailing me new 2013 Nitrous harness setup & bar.  Totally beyond expectations.  I'm sold on Dakine!!!
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