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11772Bruneau Pool: Jack's Creek Campground

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  • Jason Watt
    Jun 8, 2013
    Took a drive to CJ and got there at 1:00 and it didn't look doable.  So, I headed down the road to go check out the river.  Just a few minutes later as I was passing the Bruneau pool of the reservoir, it looked much better.  So, I pulled into Jack's Creek campground and found an area that looked shallow and had a side-on. 
    Rigged up the 12 and went out on the big 156 just to make sure I got some.  After an hour and a half of fun and upwind by the boat ramp, I went back and got the 133.  It had picked up some but did have a few work-it lulls here and there.  Plenty of wind for jumping.  Kind of like a typical LP day but with some lulls and extra power periods. 
    Walk out far enough and it's about chest high water to drift launch and you have to make sure the kite is headed the right way as it's closer to shore than CJ since it's deeper.  There's enough space to drop the kite on the shore.  A couple of photos attached.  Wind was consistently stronger near the cliffs even though direction of the wind was from the cliffs.  Maybe it falls over them and accelerates.  And, the further up canyon by the boat launch the better it was too.  The zoomed in pic is the water condition when I called it a day at 4:30.
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