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11715RE: [snowkiteidaho] Little wind

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  • Jason Brickner
    Jun 5, 2013

      Sneaky leads to bad Karma.  Came in and self landed kite which then blew up onto the razor sharp shelter awning and put a 4 inch hole in my canopy.  Luckily, I got off with a warning this time.  I was told the next time I lie about the wind the damage will be worse.


      But seriously, I was going to turn around until I saw Jon Bolt in the parking lot.  The wind started coming up, but I had lost cell phone reception by that time and was too lazy to drive back to the point of cell reception somewhere on the middle of the damn and resend.  I never thought my original ‘light wind, deserted’ email would ever get through…. But it did.  Sorry.


      I decided to suit up and give it a try.  While it was light, it was very smooth.  Better than mowing the lawn, but not many jumps.  Jon B. says it will be better tomorrow.  I better patch up that canopy tonight and pour libation in the river for being sneaky today.




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      That was sneaky of you to tell everyone that there was no wind when you and Jon were out there getting some. Guess you wanted it all for yourselves.

      I got on the water at 6:45 and at 6:55 had my leading edge blow in same spot that Eddy and I fixed to summers ago. Same patch point and sewn area.  Guess I really need to buy a new kite now.   So had a nice 30min swim to shore where Jon and Jason were watching. Jon went out and quickly got upwind. Jason went out at about 8:00

      By the way,

      I am hoping to go to the gorge on the 22nd for the Rufus demo days and was wondering if anyone has a 12m that I can borrow as I wont have a large kite by then.


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      Very little wind at diversion dam. Light wind up here and deserted. Turning arouond.

      - jbrick

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