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  • steve linane
    May 5, 2013
      Here is a 19 min long boring kiteboarding video . Nothing happens from beginning to end .
      I had video troubles on this trip . But it shows the enormity of the place .This is Andros Island a place called Middle Bright . If you can imagine a place about the size of the camas that is 1 to 3 feet beep . depending on the tide there are places that a sand bar will uncover at low tide . You see a verity of sharks , rays , turtles , starfish , inches beneath your board . We spent the last 3 days there because it was to windy for sail boating . this bit is one afternoon I had come in earlier and put the 11.5m away and went back out on the 15m everyone decided to head back to the boat and leave me out there , and come back for me later . the plus is flat water as far as the eye could see . there were waves about 1 mile up wind . a point brake that went left and right . the swell came in from the tong of the ocean many thousands of feet deep to about 16 ft. on in to a rocky shore .  I road the skim board and found it is a superior wave machine , With no fins and one strap up front it is as turny and lose as any thing I have every been on . 
      the down side to this place is you pump up in the dinghy and roll up in the dinghy , there is no place to stop and take a brake and get out of the sun . so you ended up spending the entire day non stop kiting . witch was fine for me but i did feel a little concern for my wife . she was enjoying it though ( sitting in a dinghy all day in the sun and wind ) . I would go back again some day but you need a boat . So its not likely
      The prevailing steady North Easterly Trade Winds blow unobstructed from end of October until the end of April ranging from 15 to 30 knots. Although on some days the wind can shift blowing from SE or East, its consistency and steadiness don’t get affected. A shorty is only an option on a few colder days in January and February due to cold fronts coming from North-West, but never really necessary. From May to August the prevailing SE wind blows in a range between 10-15 knots , we had predominate SE to ESE in the 12 to 20 Knot range

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