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  • Jon Bolt
    Feb 15, 2013

      Joel, et al, after a pretty frightening ordeal (in a foreign country with Napoleonic law, lacking any protections) inflicted by a disgruntled business owner  in collusion w/ Federal Police trumping up charges unsupported by ANY law (Mexican or otherwise) and claiming onset of extreme penalites....it was pretty disappointing to see those who might be expected to be supportive friends respond to the effect the treatment may have been deserved because of trying to "go cheap" or it was cheating hard working, fair dealing Mexican citizens, or was perhaps illegal.  That sort of shallow self-gratifying sniping from the comfort of your Lazy-Boy recliners at home in the US...that was more than disappointing...and reflected pretty sadly on those offering IMO.

      Joel, our sports, especially kiting, are built on mutual friendships and constant mutual assistance & help which everyone needs.  We try to like each other and help each other out.   If you're considering engaging in our sport, as your enrollment in 'snowkiteidaho' would suggest, you'll need that help.  But your initial appearance in print has sorta soiled the nest you may sometime want to occupy, and you may have some cleanup to do to earn some support.   If on the other hand, you enrolled in the group only a few days ago  just to preach and harass, and don't expect to be playing among us, you have nothing to worry about, and many of us may be relieved.


      Joel, Thanks for apology.  Accepted.  

      Sweet 9.5m yesterday smooth & warm.  Same again today looks possible.  Gavin joining us for Downwinder.

      Last night my buddy & I were volunteer workers (and donaters) at big fundraiser dinner & music w/ all proceeds for surviving families of  the two local panganeros that died on an outing to the Pacific.  Big success and much generosity, but a heart wrenching tragedy nonetheless.  Glad we could do something small to help others undergoing a terrible ordeal.

      As the Dos XX's guy says..."Stay warm my friends"...or is that thirsty?.


      On Fri, Feb 15, 2013 at 8:20 AM, ruddercraft <sailboats@...> wrote:

      Actually my central point was that your vindictive attitude toward the shuttle service operators, whom you felt charged too much, was misplaced or at least mis-directed, when you said that:

      "I'm gonna write a "head's up" in the local bulletin board system alerting gringos of these predatory tactics by shuttle operators trying to obstruct gringo ride sharing, which will dent their business for sure."

      I was trying to say that to them, it appears you are illegally competing.
      Your examples of hotel room sharing, grocery sharing etc. are all valid points, but again, I doubt the Mexicans view those activities as competition.
      As far as who I am and where I am, I am a Boise business owner (currently sailing in Lake Havasu) and I belong to this list because I sail in Boise.
      I replied to your original post on this subject because I like Mexico and especially the people and places on Baja.

      I'm not a lurking Baja shuttle service owner with ulterior motives.

      In hindsight I could have worded my original post to be less inflammatory, easily, and I can tell from your other posts on this subject that I frustrated you, so you have my apologies, sincerely.

      Going sailing now,

      --- In snowkiteidaho@yahoogroups.com, Jon Bolt wrote:
      >Thanks for opinion Joel. The central point you made was: "You don't have the right, as a foreign national, to run a business in Mexico, which, the way they see it, is what you are doing."
      > Jon Bolt wrote:
      "I'll reserve a more complete response for when I'm outside Mexico, as clearly your preoccupation to find & respond to my simple, innocent blog post in the tiny group 'snowkiteidaho' raises many questions about who and where you are, and other motives you may have."
      > Jon Bolt wrote:
      "So I got good experience dealing w/ Federales...and the militant tactics of local shuttle operators trying to prevent gringos from sharing rides to the airports. I'm gonna write a "head's up" in the local bulletin board system alerting gringos of these predatory tactics by shuttle operators trying to obstruct gringo ride sharing, which will dent their business for sure."

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