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11032Re: [BSA] you didn't miss anything

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  • Jon Bolt
    Nov 30, 2012
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      Steve, the picture of Barclay looks like they dropped the sand off closer to the windsurf rigging area than usual and have overed up fair amount of the pea gravel.  That right?
      Eddy, could you remind the core that if they can up with some more pea gravel, we could really use it, as the old stuff is getting thinned out and covered up too.  I recall last year we made them aware we'd love to get more pea gravel, but the disclosure came too late because they'd already used up their budget...but I also recall they said to remind them next year...

      On Fri, Nov 30, 2012 at 3:23 PM, steve linane <itile@...> wrote:
      at 11:00 it was 20G25 at the airport and 56 so I took a chance at drove to LP , Mt. H was only 13 and 51. got there just in  time for it to die .the next reading was SE at 8 . but I did take the water temp 48 and saw the core drop off about 24 yards of sand , so I guess we can go up anytime and shovel sand . the weather was perfect for sand shoveling today but not much else .

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