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  • Jim Tighe
    Sep 20, 2012
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      Larry was paddle boarding n Bruce was sailing nicely powered up when I arrived. So I hustled n rigged, big of course as it always gets lighter. Eddy powered out of Turners but that was all the powering he did. As I got on the waterit was already on the downward slide. Sailed until both eddy n Bruce left the water. Had an equipment malfunction , foot strap screw came out so decided that was an omen to get off. Caught a surge all the way into Barclays by the water pipe.nice beach.
      Jon bolt showed up but he is still nursing a cold n thought better of the light wind. Eddy was on his 17 m n was just ok. Good call Jon . Still it was fun. Maybe better tomorrow !

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      Jim Tighe
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