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10818pl wind report for Sunday September 02

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  • steve linane
    Sep 2, 2012
      The eddy meter look weak this morning and a little cold , so I rived late , there were about 4 sailor and 4 kites on the water at 8:15 . left at 11:00 it was a average  morning but with the added plus of not being gusty with very few holes , and it wasn't cold . I think sometimes the wind is up the channel and not getting down to the meter very well , that's why we get some iffy readings some mornings and its actually a good wind morning .
      But of course if was nothing compared to GOOD FRIDAY last week . this is the time of year we can look forward to those epic days and the wind lasting longer into the morning
      The Bureau of Reclamation estimates the lake level to begin dropping approximately 2 feet per day starting September 4, 2012.

      Attitude is everything SteveO