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  • Jim Tighe
    Aug 30, 2012
      what a fantastic day at Luck Peak.  I took my go pro .  too bad I am not a go pro pro as I turned off the camera as i headded out instead of on>  oops  so all you guys that showed off for my camera thanks but there is noda to show for it.  I'll try again tomorrow.  I felt pretty silly talking out loud to the camera narrating everything only to be talking to myself all morning.
      6 kites and three sailors.  my wind meter said 20 - 24 at the spill way.  classic morning with the edges packed with power. 
      Jim Tighe
      Gem State Gymnastics Academy/Tighe Gym Sales
      5420 W State
      Boise, Idaho 83703
      208-859-1397 cell; 208-853-3220 gym
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