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1080RE: [snowkiteidaho] safety

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  • Gear Daddy, LLC
    Jan 26, 2007
      Yeah he is you can call him. He went up with us on Wednesday

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      Subject: RE: [snowkiteidaho] safety

      is steve baker back in boise?

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      A GPS can be fun.  I like the idea of the tele-ski, but no sig experience with it.  I would like to thank Steve Linane for the idea of packing snowshoes with.  I used them yesterday when I didn’t get back close enough to the fence.  Otherwise Steve the Vet would have been very late for his dinner date.


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      If the weather is dodgy, or I am going on a big adventure I go prepared for self rescue: GPS and climbing skins (I tele-ski) also cell phone.  I've only used them once, and that was only because I could.  I was near the road, but it was more fun to skin up, pull out the GPS and trek back to the truck through a blizzard. 


      Eddy's right though our biggest "safety" is each other.  Keeping an eye on each other is important. 



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      Subject: RE: [snowkiteidaho] naming kiting spots


      Hi All,

      I am very new to your group.  I am reading a book about Crazy Horse and they discuss a lot about the significance of names.  Mine right now is probably ‘Face Planting Walker’.  A common theme I am seeing is ‘injury’.  Is there a need for snowkiters to consider packing a GPS and cell or walkie-talkie as is recommended for snowmobilers?  Again, I am new to the sport and personally have not gotten out of sight of the fence.


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      Subject: RE: [snowkiteidaho] naming kiting spots

      all see your 2 cents and raise you 3

      i have looked at the quad maps, i have the software. I like to think that there was alot of "logic" used in the naming of these places.(BTW tappan falls was named after the family that settled near there). if someone gets hurt out there then they need to know the Lat/Long. that is the best way for help to find an injured person. packer butte would help a life flight pilot, but we dont kite on packer butte. we named the area near cat creek summit " last resort" because if there is no wind elsewhere, then this is the place to look, but(clearly the name hysterical site is more logical).  northeast of last resort is the area we call double barrel, because of the 2 parrallel drainages that run east/west. there is nothing named on the quad map in this area. feather flats is on the road to featherville and it's flat. the big easy is just south of the featherville RD./hwy20. intersection.  we call it the big easy because it is big and easy or we could call it (section 28 elevation 5454). The snowmobile parking lot, well what else can i say. triple over head(a surfer term for a big wave) is the cliff band south of the snowmo park it looks like a big wave, or we could call it(section 30). an area called windy's lips came from the name windy gap on the quad map. i agree with your logic on naming places. most of our names reflect something about the geography.

      next time do your homework before telling us we didnt do ours!

      thanks Ryan

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      Subject: [snowkiteidaho] naming kiting spots
      Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2007 13:49:35 -0800 (PST)

      Here's my 2 cents re: naming sites:

      I totally agree that there's a need for naming places - clearly it makes answering the question 'where the hell did you find wind yesterday?' much easier.  Names stick, of course, and because of that I'd think we'd want to be a little bit thoughtful about giving them out - it could be a really cool legacy to leave future snowkiters - names that are fairly easy to remember and have some kind of logic to them.  Eddy started butchering the word Historical so that it's now the Hysterical Site - and it stuck.  It's funny and easy to remember.

      I'm sure many of the places where we snowkite already have place names (Bob's Knob, Geezer Ridge, etc.).  It would be worth looking into those names first, primarily for safety reasons - if someone gets hurt, it's going to be a lot easier to explain to the local dude or paramedic holding a map trying to find you that "he crashed hard just east of  Packer Butte"  rather than "he crashed hard at Sick Air Flat."  They're easier to remember, too.  If you find regular good wind near a reservoir, why not name the site for the reservoir?  The way to find these is by taking a look at small-scale USGS maps.  I'd be happy to help with that (or topozone.com is a good start).

      I come from the world of whitewater, where rapid names usually reflect the geography (Onion Creek Rapid on the Colorado or Tappan Falls on MFS).  Occasionally they're named after what it looks like (Haystack Rapid on the MFS), history (Separation Rapid or Rancid Tuna Rapid on the Grand Canyon) or something helpful (Go Left on the Payette or Killer Fang Falls on the Lochsa).  Clearly river people are a bunch of goofballs. 


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