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10523Reminder: Dressin' then pumpin'

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  • Jon Bolt
    Jul 5, 2012
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      10PM Friday & Mtn. Home already easterly 22G28.  Watch the Barclay meter.  Sometime w/ frontal SE winds like this (instead of thermal) LP fools you and turns a bust.  But if it does go, it should be GREAT.
      Since tomorrow & Saturday could be crowded @ Barclay, reminder about rules of etiquette JBrick sent out a few weeks ago.  Received a few unsolicited gripes about people disregarding basic courtesies and jammin' things up.  Gist of it...
      PLEASE don't pump kite and/or lay lines out in the launching lane in front of dock, then retire to car to get dressed.  If you're gonna pump your kite before dressing, stow it far back towards Serpentina before going to your car.  After you're dressed, wait for opening in front of dock, then move your kite/lines into place.  This keeps the beach open for those who are ready to launch immediately after pumping & lining up.  Minimizing the time your kite/lines are in the launch zone keeps that bottleneck area as productive as possible.  Please don't clog the launch zone w/ unattended kites....and if you do, it's unreasonable to be upset if your kite/lines are moved out of the way, and be sure to apologize to yer other kite brothers for the momentary. 
      Be dressin' pumpin' launchin'...or
      Pumpin' stowin' dressin' launchin'