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10108Re: [snowkiteidaho] Barclay weather station

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  • Jon Bolt
    May 9 5:31 AM
      WOW!  Thanks Rusty & Chris & Eddy for getting us rolling!  I'm countin' on that sand bein' fine grain & sugar white to keep my tootsies dainty soft.
      Eddy, you think ACE might replenish a bit of pea gravel?
      I'm good for 19th cleanup & in on the station funding.  Suggest those contributing bring it to Rusty on cleanup day.
      Thanks guys!

      On Tue, May 8, 2012 at 5:45 PM, Rusty Hill <rustyshill@...> wrote:

      I am happy to announce that, just in time for tomorrows morning session, the weather station in up and running.

      We'll need to organize a beach cleanup to tidy up our launch site in the near future. I'm proposing Saturday the 19th. Right now the beach looks pretty good and wouldn't need too much. The army corp delivered more sand for the beach. I was told it was because Jon Bolt had been complaining that the sand wasn't adequate for his tender feet. Regardless, it needs moved as well as weeds pulled. I don't know who needs to be contacted at ACE, but I'm guessing Eddy can do that. If everyone wants to speak up if the 19th does or doesn't work for them and we'll go from there.
      See ya in the morning!
      Rusty Hill
      Photography Elevated
      (208) 891-7744

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